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she comes to shore

“The works themselves, while predominantly improvised, display clarity and precision that employ the best of the twin avatars of major piano work: classical and jazz . . . This is an impressive series of works from one of the best.”
Nilan Perrera, Exclaim Magazine, February, 2011

“This piece has been something of a guilty pleasure to the modernist in me, but it is so gorgeous that I have found myself indulging time and again.”
David Olds, Whole Note Magazine, April, 2011 thewholenote.com

“Lee Pui Ming’s technique and imaginative inventiveness cast a wide net, and there is always an underlying sense of direction and structure in her improvisations.”
MusicWeb International www.musicweb-international.com

Italian review: www.kathodik.it

who’s playing

Lee Pui Ming’s sound is unique and highly exciting . . . best witnessed live, crucial tensions from its perfomance are preserved on the excellent who’s playing.
Wire Magazine

“Une revelation, ni plus ni moins” (A revelation, nothing less) Luc Bouquet Improjazz, France

“Lee Pui Ming moulds piano and vocal into a gleeful avant-garde concoction that is all her own”
Eye Magazine, Toronto


“so strong is her vision of what her music should sound like, that the diverse cultural elements are bent to her will”
Peter Goddard, The Toronto Star

“an exceptionally evocative and atmospheric suite of music”
Alexander Varty, The Georgia Straight (Vancouver)

Strange Beauty

“You will be amazed at what this music has to offer, what it presents as new and what it calls forth from the traditions of east and west, ancient and modern. This is new music with brains and with heart. Let yourself be amazed by Lee Pui Ming.”
Jean LeBlanc, Classical disCDigest

Nine-Fold Heart

JUNO nomination in Best Global Recording category. 1994

“Working with her very own musical language (Lee Pui Ming’s) . . . sounds stretch into musical realms where few venture. Lee creates an East-meets-West, old-meets-new, ever-unfolding fable for the mind and the heart”
NOW, Toronto