Samples fromĀ Life
a 60-minute string quartet commission from Kokoro Dance


Samples from she comes to shore

to . . .


she comes to shore

. . . she

Samples from who’s playing



Lee Pui Ming, piano

Sample from Taklamakan

Taklamakan (excerpt)
Composed by Lee Pui Ming
Performed by Mark Duggan (percussion) / Qiu Li Rong (pipa) / Lee Pui Ming (prepared piano) / Han Lei (guan zi)

Sample from Nine-Fold Heart

Tale Of Three Snakes (excerpt)
Composed by Lee Pui Ming
Performed by Qiu Li Rong (pipa) / Yu Zhi Min (zhong ruan) / Lee Pui Ming (piano)


Whorl (excerpt) commissioned and performed by Evergreen Club Gamelan

Sheepman Dreams Track1 (excerpt) commissioned by Kokoro Dance

Sheepman Dreams Track6 (excerpt) commissioned by Kokoro Dance

Lee(piano/voice)/Adams(cello)/Donovan(percussion) Improvising Trio
track 1 (a)

track 1 (b)

track 2

track 3