Selected Commissions for Concert Music

she comes to shore 25-minute concerto for improvised piano and orchestra. Commissioned by Hopkins Symphony Orchestra, 2010. >watch video

she comes to shore (excerpt one)
she comes to shore (excerpt two)

Awakening 15-minute erhu concerto. Commissioned by Chen Jie-Bing, erhu soloist, 2007.

Where the spirits abide 10-minute piano solo. Commissioned by Honens International Piano Competition for Xiang Zou, first laureate, 2006.

Blessings 12-minute piece for Chinese orchestra. Commissioned by Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, 2004.

Tribute to Ling-Ling 15-minute piece for zheng solo. Commissioned by Vancouver New Music for Han Mei, 2002.

Whorl 20-minute piece for gamelan orchestra. Commissioned by Evergreen Club Gamelan, 2004.

Whorl (excerpt) commissioned and performed by Evergreen Club Gamelan

Selected Commissions for Dance and Theatre

Life a 60-minute piece for string quartet, commissioned by Kokoro Dance, Vancouver 2013

Emerald Lies 30-minute piece for dance. Commissioned by choreographer Yvonne Ng, 2006. >watch video

Xiao Bai Chuan 25-minute piece for dancer and piano. Commissioned by CanAsian Dance for Yvonne Ng, 2003.

Sheepman Dreams 60-minute piece for dance. Commissioned by Kokoro Dance, Vancouver, 2003.

Sheepman Dreams Track1 (excerpt)

Sheepman Dreams Track6 (excerpt)

The Five Elements 20-minute piece for dance. Commissioned by The Vancouver Chinese Cultural Centre for The Millennium Dance Project. Choreographed by Lee Su-Feh, 2001.

The Yoko Ono Project multimedia theatre piece by Jean Yoon, 2000.