“a performer of uncommon imagination and intensity… her piano playing shows flourish: her vocalizations reveal absolutely no inhibition. If music makes the world go ‘round, then she surely has given this old globe a spin.” Mark Miller, The Globe and Mail

Lee Pui Ming is an artist who is curious about the space where the Known meets the Unknown. Through the years, that exploration has led her to new ways of transforming and integrating Chinese material into her work; creating a live performance gestalt that includes sounding all parts of the piano, engaging her body and her voice; finding fresh ways of weaving tonalities; and diving into the wide expanse of open improvisation.

And always, the intent is to communicate and connect with the listener, heart to heart.

what audience members say:

“(The concert) vibrated as big as the universe that is my body mind. Outrageously beautiful;”

“An inspiring journey for body, spirit and mind;”

“Riveting and mind altering.”

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