“I went for biodynamic craniosacral therapy when I had been suffering from sciatica in one leg and hip for more than six months. I had been to my family doctor, to a chiropractor and to a massage therapist but none of them were able to help me. After only two or three sessions of bcst, my sciatica disappeared.”
Kingsley Owen, Toronto

“The biodynamic craniosacral therapy sessions gave me the time, the space, and the attention which allowed me to completely relax, release deep tensions, address profound holding patterns, find physical fluidity and connect with a healthy and vibrant source of internal energy.  I highly recommend it for anyone who seek a holistic approach to their well-being.”
Louis Laberge-Côté , contemporary dancer, choreographer

“My bcst session brought about incredible calm and such stillness that for a few moments I was not entirely sure that Pui Ming was still in the room when in fact she was still fully engaged in our session. The work is subtle yet powerful.”
Shane Patey, Health Promotion Coordinator, PWA Toronto

“A sensation of light feelings linger long after my bcst sessions.  This work is conducted through an amazing touch.  No matter how I enter a session, I always leave feeling reinvigorated and restored.  This is the most amazing work from the inside out.”                        
Lisa Fenn, artist, pilates teacher